Recruit the recruiter packet

Skip to content. Have a minimum general technical GT score of 95 with a skilled-technical score of Be at least 21 years old, but not more than 39 years old at time of selection waiver authorized to age At time of selection, have no less than 4 years time in service and no more than 9 years time in service if a SGT, no more than 15 years time in service if a SSG, or no more than 16 years time in service if a SFC waiver authorized. Have completed 1 year of service since reclassification per AR — dated 26 Feb 09 waiver not authorized.

recruit the recruiter packet

Meet the screening table or body fat standards of AR —9 dated 28 June 13 waiver not authorized. Have a minimum physical profile of Soldiers may not have a shaving profile waiver not authorized. Have a mental evaluation statement not older than 6 months verifying that the Soldier has no record of emotional or mental instability. This evaluation must be based on a personal interview and screening of health records by a qualified mental health care provider waiver not authorized.

Possess excellent military appearance and bearing and have no obvious distracting physical abnormalities or mannerisms.

recruit the recruiter packet

Tattoos must be in compliance with AR —1 dated 10 Apr Not be pregnant at time of attendance at the ARC waiver not authorized. Never been the subject of adjudication including proceedings under the provisions of Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice or had adverse action taken by any authority for any offense that involves moral turpitude, regardless of sentence received or any offense under the UCMJ for which confinement of 2 years or more may be adjudged. All Soldiers must be screened against the National Sex Offender Registry database by agency that currently conducts background screening on potential recruiters.

Have no history of domestic violence or assault, or marital, emotional, or major medical problems to include immediate Family that would hamper performance on recruiting duty. Not be a sole parent or guardian waiver authorized with strong documentation supporting good finances and family care plan. Be financially stable, have not filed a petition claiming bankruptcy within the last 3 years, and not currently be responsible for making any payments as a result of any such action waiver authorized with strong documentation supporting good finances.

Have at least 3 years time in service remaining following the completion of the ARC.Enabled by leading edge technologies and premier recruiting practices. Mission, Vision and Attributes.

The command remains relevant and ready to provide the strength for our Army, today and into the future. Recruiter Unique Attributes. Please use the most updated regulations that are available, as some regulations change from time to time. DA Select Recruiters. Please send your commander's packet to HRC at usarmy. Skip to main content Press Enter. Recruiter Unique Attributes Recruiters require exceptional discipline and leadership to operate across geographically dispersed locations.

They must possess the self-discipline and professional ethics to maintain Army standards and values, aggressively seek self-improvement, and use initiative to implement and adapt to new technologies supporting Army recruiting missions.

Recruiters must be independent and adaptive thinkers, capable of making rapid decisions in unfamiliar and ambiguous environments.

High standards, strong organizational skills and effective time management are critical competencies for Recruiters.

Recruiting duty offers Soldiers the opportunity to excel in small unit operations, often in distant locations from parent unit. Volunteer Recruiters. AGR Recruiter. DA Selected Recruiters. Contact Us. Applicant Personal Financial Statement.The iCIMS Talent Cloud is a single platform that delivers transformative solutions across every stage of the talent journey.

Optimize the talent acquisition lifecycle

Create inspiring, personalized candidate experiences that bring the best talent right to your door. Automatically identify top candidates and connect with them in the right place, at the right time. Simplify interview management, offers, and onboarding with transformative AI-powered capabilities.

Support internal mobility by making it easier for employees to find their next position. We've structured our workflows to better meet our needs today and tomorrow.

With iCIMS, we're managing things collectively.

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It's all in one system. Accelerate and streamline your entire recruitment process with a wide range of AI-powered, best-in-class software. Privacy Notice. Register now. Build your winning team Get your game plan to level up your talent acquisition strategy.

Download now. Get started. Watch now. Make an impact in your organization Download our guide to inclusive hiring for every recruitment stage. Get guide. Optimize the talent acquisition lifecycle The iCIMS Talent Cloud is a single platform that delivers transformative solutions across every stage of the talent journey.

Explore solutions. Powerful products Accelerate and streamline your entire recruitment process with a wide range of AI-powered, best-in-class software. Career sites. Candidate relationship management. Applicant tracking system. Offer management. Text engagement. View all products.Commander's Packet Instructions. Congratulations on your selection to become an Army Recruiter!! DA Select commander's packets must be sent to:. Please download, complete, and e-mail the linked forms to the HRC e-mail address above.

You have 30 days from the date you are notified to send your commander's packet. Skip to main content Press Enter. If you have tattoos include color photographs along with location and description of ALL tattoos not located in a "private" area of your body.

For tattoos located in a private area provide drawings of them. USAREC assigns Soldiers down to the battalion level, the battalion leadership is responsible for determining pinpoint assignments. Please contact the battalion point of contact once you receive your RFO from the Assignments Section. All Soldiers must have 36 months of service remaining from their reporting date to their recruiting battalion.

Soldiers must meet this requirement before beginning the assignment process. Volunteer Recruiters. AGR Recruiter. DA Selected Recruiters. Contact Us. Applicant Personal Financial Statement.Already have an account?

Log in. Sign up. If you need more help, please contact our support team. Do you want to know who are the most fitted on your post?

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With this Employment form template, is used for recruiting a professional employee or hiring a great people. You can use this basic job application form when you need.

It's a simple one-page form that includes personal information, educational background, reference info and more. The applicant can fill out the form easily. A typical employment application form with all necessary fields to collect information from applicants, areas to upload documents which will fully indicate your applicants potential and suitability.

Leverage it as you guide. Template allows you to collect all necessary information regarding the candidate with areas to upload documents and include additional information thus allows an easy CV application procedure.

recruit the recruiter packet

In a sea of applicants, it can be hard to find the right candidate. Our drag-and-drop Form Builder also makes it easy to update application questions, customize the template design, and add your logo for a professional touch. Re-organize your hiring process to hire better employees with our Job Application Form Templates today.

This Online Interview Questionnaire allows collecting candidate personal and contact information, work experience, skills and their answers for your interview questions.

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With this form, you can easily choose and hired a great applicant. This template provides the major categories that you should include in the job descriptions along with an explanation of what to include in each category. This Resume Submission Form allows gathering applicant personal and contact information, CV, their area of interest, skill level and allows applicants to add a cover letter.

Ready to do the job?The future of talent acquisition is already here. To efficiently and effectively identify, assess and hire talent, companies are investing in recruitment operations strategies to streamline their recruiting efforts, improve hiring processes, and speed things up.

Recruitment Application Form

The question is: how? Adopting a standardized recruitment process checklist is key for any talent acquisition team. Having a set of to-dos in place ensures all team members are on the same page, keeps the hiring process moving, and helps decision-makers find inefficiencies in each recruitment step.

Everything about recruiting is changing…fast. Following is a checklist to help keep your recruiting and selection efforts up-to-date. Also keep in mind the order of activities vary by employer, depending on the processes and systems used. Even with automation and AI, there are some hiring activities that warrant face time. Starting the recruiting process is one of them. A little time spent up front with the hiring manager can save a lot of time and effort later.

Set up a planning meeting with the hiring manager and anyone else who may be involved in recruiting to review the job opening, the hiring process and obtain input and agreement before moving forward. Create an agenda to maximize outcomes. Topics may include:. Review, solicit input and finalize :.

Recruit the Recruiter

Candidate sourcing technology can help you manage and streamline the entire process. Recruiting software lets you post a job in multiple places at once, and AI can help you evaluate the best sources for specialized jobs or requirements.

Creating effective postings is both an art and a science. While you may think the application process is a no-brainer, it warrants some individual focus. Research shows that if your application process is too lengthy, outdated or cumbersome, many job seekers will just stop and turn their sights elsewhere. To streamline the process while enhancing the candidate experience, employers are taking a variety of approaches, like eliminating cover letters, replacing lengthy applications with a series of quick online questions, making their application process mobile-friendly and using chatbots.

The Recruitment Process Checklist Every Recruiter Needs

Screen: Use the screening techniques selected at your planning meeting to determine which candidates will move forward. Review your shortlist with the hiring manager and seek approval to move forward. Follow up. Let top candidates know that your organization is interested in learning more about them. Communicate that you are moving ahead with other candidates and invite them to join your talent community.

Make sure each person on the interviewing team has the tools they need to be successful in the interview. Share resources like:.

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Interview scheduling can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process, unless you automate it.Many of the owners of accommodations told us how happy they were to be working with Nordic Visitors. The travel guide was sturdy, survived the trip in one piece, even served as a plate for our lunches eaten in the car as we would return from a walk.

We took scotch tape along to mend the map, it's pretty big to handle in the car. And a highlighter to add stops and reminders to help us when we start putting our pictures together. But, the travel guide will be the most helpful when it comes to putting our travel album together. The places we stayed at were so very nice. I don't know how we would rank them. The owners were so very nice and helpful. Giving us directions and making recommendations on dinners and even making reservations for us.

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The fact that you called a hotel to make last minute arrangements and then called us to explain, was so appreciated. I can't say enough about our trip, all your help, and of course the country of Iceland. We are so looking forward to coming back after October.

recruit the recruiter packet

Did Iceland Full Circle in 2015 and Hidden Gems this year. Will book with you for sure if and when we go on anorher Scandinavian tour. Have recommended you to multiple friends already. The trip was superb and the redoing of our itinerary because of the weather was seamless which we appreciated greatly. I would highly recommend Nordic Visitor to anyone traveling - they were professional, and so very very helpful. I had a lot of last minute requests that Kristin was able to take care of seamlessly.

As a solo female traveler Nordic Visitor gave me peace of mind while traveling in a new place - I don't know if I could have done this trip without them. I had a two day weather delay in Iceland getting to Greenland, and Dagny my travel consultant was fantastic.

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